European Grapevine Moth

European Grapevine Moth

Pest / Invasive (first found in Napa Valley, CA in 2009)

European Grapevine Moth (EGM), Lobesia botrana, causes severe damage to grapevines in its larval form. EGM larvae feed on and damage flowers and berries. This damage then increases grape vulnerability to fungal infections, such as botrytis.


European grapevine moth poses a significant threat to California’s grape production. Several California counties are quarantined to attempt to stop the spread. Available management for EGM includes: (1) fruit removal from infested and surrounding grapevines, (2) insecticide control, and (3) mating disruption.

Management activities:

Grapes and spurge laurel are preferred hosts. It has also been reported on blackberry, gooseberry, currant, olive, cherry, prune, persimmon, kiwi, pomegranate, red clover, carnation, and more.