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Modeling pest and pathogen spread just got easy.

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What is PoPS?

PoPS (the Pest or Pathogen Spread Model) is a framework for modeling the spread of pests or pathogens across a landscape. We created PoPS because we want to help decision-makers, researchers, and students create geospatial distribution models.

With PoPS you can quickly and easily:

  • Calibrate and validate your model
  • Run management or weather scenarios
  • Compare scenarios to make management decisions

Simulated results showing Spotted Lanternfly spread in Pennsylvania.
PoPS is easy to use.

Easy to use web-based PoPS interface!

We developed an easy-to-use interface with all of the necessary tools to go from initial data to modeling results quickly and easily (NO programming experience required!):

With the interface, you are able to:

  • Run management scenarios using the easy to use PoPS interface.
  • Easily compare management interventions.
  • Coming soon! Create your own case study (i.e. model) or explore the already calibrated and validated case studies.

Experienced coder? Install the PoPS R-package to run PoPS on your own machine with more customizations and command-line control.

Who is using PoPS?

PoPS has been successfully used by university researchers and government analysts to model both pests and pathogens.

PoPS has been used by:


What can PoPS model?

PoPS has been used to model:

  • Spotted Lanternfly in Pennsylvania
  • Sudden Oak Death in California

PoPS can be used to model most pests or pathogens.

Spotted Lanternfly

How can I use PoPS?

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Questions? Email help@popsmodel.org for more help.

Thank you for the support we've received!

The PoPS team would like to acknowledge the grant and funding agencies that have supported our mission:

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