How can I use PoPS?

PoPS is open-source and freely available for anyone to use. There are two ways you can run PoPS:

Option 1: Download PoPS

The PoPS Model

Users may download the PoPS model code to run on their own computer. PoPS packages are available in the following languages:

  • R
  • Python (coming soon)

Option 2: Use the PoPS Dashboard

The PoPS Model

(Available for public use soon.)

No coding experience? We developed an easy-to-use interface to run the PoPS model in the cloud. The dashboard is currently being used internally and will be made available for public use soon.

Get notified when the PoPS Dashboard is available:

Available PoPS Packages

PoPS 1.0 is currently available for download in R and GRASS GIS. Both versions of PoPS are wrappers around the PoPS Core C++ library for the Pest or Pathogen Spread Model.

All versions of PoPS provides the same functionality. The version you choose depends on your personal coding language preference. A Python version is under development and will be released soon.